The office of Crenguta-Doina DOBRANICI Officer of the Court runs in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 188/01.11.2000 (modified) of the Officers of the Court Office and it has got the following duties:


1.    Setting in execution the civil precepts from the executor deeds:

1.1    Direct execution:

  • Evictions
  • Minor entrusting or establishing the minor’s residence;
  • Paying visits to the minor;
  • Vesting property,servitudes, handing over the goods a.s.o

1.2    Indirect execution:

  • Real-Estate prosecution of the debts
  • Assets prosecution of the debts

1.3    Sequestrations

2.    Notification of the judicial and extra judicial legal documents;
3.    Communication of the procedural legal documents;
4.    Recovery of any debts in a friendly way;
5.    Application of the insured measures disposed by the judicial court;
6.    Establishment of de facto status in terms of the Code of Civil procedure;
7.    Drawing up the establishment statements, in case of a real offer, followed by the debtor registration of the amount, according to the regulations of the Code of Civil procedure;
8.    Drawing up the protest for non-paying bills of exchange, order bills and cheques, in compliance with law, as the case may be
9.    Consulting as regards the constitution of the execution documents;
10.    Any other legal documents and legal data operations covered by the Officer Of The Court competence.

Territorial competences

The territorial competence of Crenguta-Doina DOBRANICI Officer of the Court Office is spread throughout Bucharest.